Joy in the middle of grief, is possible

Question client: How can I get grip again?

The client, who had a great loss, comes again. She has been busy with boundaries and filling her life with small things, which gives grip to her again.
Boundaries afford identity, so you know who you are. Having too many boundaries is not right. But in times of emptiness, it is really nice that you can hold on to something. The emptiness tends to swallow you and by doing so you risk the danger of descending. Descending in the emptiness is a frightening feeling. Emptiness becomes less empty by drawing boundaries for yourself. By drawing boundaries in time, in space, in time for grief. Grief must know her boundaries. Sometimes all of a sudden you encounter this glimpse of joy, in the middle of grief. People sometimes feel guilty about this. This is definitely not necessary. Being able to feel that grief also has its boundaries and that the emptiness will not always stay. Emptiness is needed to be filled. Again being filled by small things that give hope. The boundaries of hope and positivity need to be set again. Start with small things, going to the grocery for some shopping and enjoy doing so. Set some small goals, then you build small boundaries, that will restrain your emptiness slowly. Once again building your life is a process, it takes time.

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