To the Bahama’s!

To the Bahama’s!

The lady sitting in front of me says with a loud voice:  I need to distant myself from my life, taking distance, I need to go away, I want to go away. I feel choked. I feel oppressed by my own life.

She walks back and forth. She explains that she is unhappy for quite a while. She has been thinking about the idea of quitting her job for a while. She wonders what her life is about.

We talk and I ask her where she would like to go to take some distance. The Bahama’s, she answers. I tell her about our plans to start a business at the Island Grand Bahama. I say: do you want to go with me, to be coached at the Bahama’s. We laugh, suddenly the sun starts to shine in her eyes. Sudden Shining!  ‘That’s where I want to go to’, she says. That’s lovely far away! Distance can be taken literally.

She calls me later and tells me she wants to go. We buy a ticket and end of April we are going to the Bahama’s. Later, she writes me to tell me that’s she’s already feeling a lot better. Even the thought of being far away, makes her so happy.

Distance means standing distant from something. And sometimes it can’t be far away enough. To get the overview, to feel that you exist, even when you’re far away from everything. Just being able to feel ‘that’, and that you can also ‘be’ without everything that you’re used to.

I think this woman is really going to feel what coaching will do, and is helped by literarily distance.  To be able to be distant from …… will give you space. The space we need to be able to see…….

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