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No, not you


A young man comes for coaching. He doesn’t look me straight in the eye, he speaks while looking out of the window.  He feels so alone. He works at an accountancy firm, for 1 year now and he doesn’t like it. His colleagues often make fun of him, well, they think it’s funny. They put salt […]

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When it’s silent, where you come from


A man comes for coaching. A bit mousy he enters the room. I am not so sure where to start, he says. Coaching, I actually don’t know what it means. He has never been to a caregiver before. Until now, he managed to do things all by himself. Ever since his youth, in which his […]

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Bahama Coaching

Bureau Land Grand Bahama's

It is Friday, 21st of April. The alarm clock sounds at 7 a.m. and my suitcase is already packed, except for the toiletries. By car I travel to Ansen to pick up JOke and then together we drive to Schiphol to take our flight to the Bahamas. The reason for this coaching trip has to […]

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‘Without expectations on an internal journey, destination unknown’

My assumption before leaving for the Bahamas. At Schiphol airport, where I met my fellow travelers for the first time, the journey had begun. After a stopover in Atlanta, we arrived in Freeport where Paulien gave us a very warm welcome, our home for the next week. The daily routine was formed, starting the mornings […]

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Joy in the middle of grief, is possible

Bureau Land

Question client: How can I get grip again? The client, who had a great loss, comes again. She has been busy with boundaries and filling her life with small things, which gives grip to her again. Boundaries afford identity, so you know who you are. Having too many boundaries is not right. But in times of […]

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Boundaries as guidance

Blog Joke Land

Client with a question: I feel emptiness and feel lost in myself in my mourning; how can I get a grip again? Boundaries as guidance When you lose your job, you lose someone, when you say goodbye to a relationship, emptiness appears in a lot of people. This emptiness frightens people. Emptiness means, not being able to […]

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To the Bahama’s!

Bureau Land Grand Bahama's

To the Bahama’s! The lady sitting in front of me says with a loud voice:  I need to distant myself from my life, taking distance, I need to go away, I want to go away. I feel choked. I feel oppressed by my own life. She walks back and forth. She explains that she is […]

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Mothers, let your children go!


When the time has come for me to leave? A twenty-one year old woman comes for coaching. Her mother brings her. She is worried about the young woman. When I start talking tot the young lady, the mother talks all the time. We send her away, so I can talk to the daughter. She tells […]

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Parents are human beings like you


Question of client: How to deal with this?  The young man comes again. He found out that his mother has had a second man beside the marriage with his father. He cannot deal with this new information. His mother has passed away already. How to deal with this? he asks me. Tell me about the […]

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When the past changes in the current daylight


Question of a client: How do I think my way out? A young man enters my room. He has never had an appointment with a psychologist. He feels humilated that he has to come. I have to do it myself, he says. What? I ask him. To deal with this, he says. I am thinking […]

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