Vision and values

The following values are central in the vision of The International Institute for Applied Psychology, Bureau Land:

  • Reflection
  • Depth
  • Development

Creating a better world 

Our mission is to make people aware of the drives, patterns and results in their life. With the acquired knowledge, skills and insights they can then choose to make effective changes. To this end, we offer the best possible tools in a stimulating and safe environment.

Our mission is to create a better world by giving people the psychological tools to become happier and more professional so that they can also make the world a better place.

We want to put our ideas to practice as much as we can and we work on both a national as an international scale.

Theory is great but it’s better when it works

Values that are important to our job are: respect, focus on results, intensity and flexibility.

Our Trainers and Coaches bring their creativity to the trainings and will always provide solutions to achieve the learning goals.

In our trainings we focus on sociology, organisation theory, business, linguistics, logistics, marketing, quality management, System Dynamics and NLP: these are all subjects that are based on psychology. To us, it is important that it works. Theory is great but it’s better when it works!

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