General Terms & Conditions

for the services of Bureau Land, located in Groningen at the Nieuwe Boteringestraat 96

I. Definitions
In these General Terms & Conditions, the following terms are defined as stated below:
a. Bureau Land: J.A. Land, trading as “Bureau Land”, located in Groningen.
b. Commissioner: the natural or legal person who has entered an agreement with Bureau Land.
c. Client:  the natural or legal person who is coached, trained and/or guided or participates in one or more trainings, (training) programmes within the framework of the agreement that the Commissioner has entered.
d. Agreement: the agreement whereby Bureau Land is obliged to the commissioner to carry out the services assigned by the commissioner/client against payment.

II. Applicability 
These General Terms & Conditions apply to all work commissioned to Bureau Land, to all Agreements concluded between the parties as well as to all legal relationships that arise as a result thereof or in connection therewith. These General Terms & Conditions are also stipulated on behalf of every third party that is engaged in services of Bureau Land, whether or not with an employment contract, or that is or can be liable in connection therewith.

III. Assignment (agreement)
a. An agreement shall only come into effect once the Commissioner has accepted the order constructed by Bureau Land and signed a Registration Form or when the Commissioner has demonstrated in any other way to accept the order.
b. For the Commissioner, natural person, who has signed up for the (training) programmes, trainings, workshops etc. offered by Bureau Land with open registration, the registration represents ‘distance selling’ and it gives the Commissioner the legal right to a reflection period of 14 workdays. If the Commissioner wishes to use this ‘consideration period’, he/she should indicate per email and within 14 workdays after the registration that he/she wants to withdraw his/her registration under the conditions of the legal consideration period. In all other cases, the Commissioner can cancel the registration free of charge up to 4 weeks before the start of the (training) programme / module. If the registration is canceled within four weeks before the start of the (training) programme / module, the Commissioner is obliged to pay half of the total amount of the programme. If the Commissioner does not cancel, or cancels after the start of the programme, he/she is obliged to pay the full amount.
c. If a so-called “coaching talk” is canceled within 24 hours before the appointment, the Client (Commissioner) can only recoup the appointment if the Commissioner has paid the applicable hourly rate for individual coaching.
d. By agreeing to the plan of action presented by Bureau Land, the Commissioner consents to all activities that are part of this plan. A change in the plan of action will be invoiced as more or less work by Bureau Land, unless both parties have agreed on an hourly rate.

IV. Declaration
a. All fixed remunerations entitled to Bureau Land will be charged when entering into the agreement, unless both parties have agreed in writing that the services of Bureau Land will be charged based on an hourly rate.
b. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, all prices quoted by Bureau Land are exclusive of 6% administrative costs and exclusive of sales tax.

V. Payment
a. Payment of the declarations of Bureau Land must be made within fourteen days after the date of the invoice. If this term is exceeded the Commissioner will automatically be deemed to be in default and will owe statutory default interest at the same rate as the statutory rate of (commercial) interest applying at the time.
b. Discharge will only be granted if the payment is transferred to one of the bank accounts in the name of Bureau Land.
c. If Bureau Land institutes debt-collection measures against the Commissioner who is in default, the costs of this collection will be borne by the Commissioner, with a minimum of 15% of the outstanding amount.

VI. Liability
a. The liability of Bureau Land for damage resulting from or in connection with the performance of an assignment (agreement) is in all cases limited to the amount to which the liability insurance taken out by Bureau Land provides coverage in the instance in question.
b. If and in so far no payment is made pursuant to the liability insurance, for any reason whatsoever, any liabiliy is limited to, at most, the invoice amount that Bureau Land has charged the Commissioner.
c. Bureau Land will at all times exercise due care when requesting the services of third parties. Bureau Land will not be liable for any shortcomings of these third parties, unless those shortcomings are attributed to malicious intent or gross negligence of these third parties.
d. All third parties hired by Bureau Land are obliged to confidentiality with regard to the information of clients, which will be contractually agreed upon from the first moment a third party is hired.
e. Claims to damages must be commenced in the competent court within one year after the discovery thereof at the risk of forfeiting any right to compensation.

VII. Applicable law
All legal relationships, as defined in these conditions, are subject to Dutch law and disputes will be brought before the competent court in this matter in the District of Groningen exclusively. If Bureau Land appears as a prosecutor she will be entitled to bring the dispute before the competent court of her choice.

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