Some of our clients:

ABN AMRO bank, Alescon, FourstaR (reintegration organisation), Guyot Doven Institute (KEGG), Municipality Appingedam, Municipality Hoogeveen, Municipality Tynaarlo, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Hulpverleningsdienst Groningen (GGD), Icare, Informatiebeheer Groep , Menzis, MEE, Novatec, Noorderpoort College, Ommelander College, Piter Jelles College, Police forces, Rabobank, ROC Friese Poort, SCA Hygiene, Swedish Match, Thuiszorg Groningen, UMCG Groningen, UWV Amsterdam, UWV Groningen, People’s University Groningen, Water board Reest & Wieden, Housing association Actium, Biblionet, Housing association de Huismeesters, Police Academy.

Experiences of students and companies

Police Academy, team training

  • This training gives me new insights and tools to make personal and organisational changes. – Hanneke Crouwel, Head HRM
  • Unconventional, inspiring and fun. Gives many new insigths that will help both me and the organisation. – Alice Vellinga, Executive Board member Police Academy
  • JOke Land, an excellent guide, good listener, clear images. Again (new) insights about myself. – Conchita Alvarez, Head of the School of Police Science

Training Professional Communication at a Housing Association

  • This training provides insight into your issue, the behaviour of the recipient, consequences of your issue and responses. Very interesting!
  • In this training I have learned more about how I communicate and how this message is perceived by others.
  • I now have a lot more tools that I can use to communicate effectively with the residents and/or institutions.

Training Teamwork at a Netwerk Organisation of Libraries

  • This day has forced me to think about myself and my position in the group and to recognise my position – Jennis, Director
  • It’s good that we all get a broader perspective on the Drentse network – Anneke, Library Manager
  • A valuable day in which I have seen my colleagues from a different perspective and in which I have acquired more knowledge about my own behaviour – Marleen, Library Manager

Training Networks & Acquisition, Effective Communication at MEE

  • This training is very interesting, inspiring and it has given me new perspectives – Yvonne, team leader
  • I can now clearly explain what our organisation does. The main objective of this training was achieved – Ticky, Consultant
  • Conscise but informative, it has been an eye-opener, especially in terms of positively formulating what you say and becoming aware of how you can formulate something differently – Linda, Consultant

Team training at an ROC

  • This training has taught me more about myself and the motives of others. Focused on collaboration, on the future.
  • This training has given the team an incentive for appreciating each other’s capacities.
  • Clear and fun to do with the team.
  • An excellent training to get to know your colleagues and what their tasks are. The vision of your colleagues will become clear.

Training Customer-oriented Communication and redirecting agression at a local Police

  • Sometimes one step forward can be enough to travel to a different continent. This step has opened new doors in my mind.
  • In this training I have gained many insights that I can use to improve the quality of work.
  • In this training I have learned how I can redirect a conversation full of anger. This is something I really need in my job.
  • Thanks to this training I have learned more about my own behaviour and the symbiosis it creates. I can use it really well.

Introductory Training NLP at a Reintegration organisation

  • A very informative training. I would like to learn more.
  • Clear, inspiring, recognisable and applicable.
  • Finally I know what NLP is. It seemed woolly, but it turned out to be very practical.
  • Interesting. I have gained new ideas that I can now apply in my job.

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