Our office staff

Apart from the trainers and coaches, we have several staff members working in our office who deal with the administrative and organisational tasks surrounding the trainings. For all questions regarding invoices, payment arrangements and all other office and adminstrative actions you can contact Francien Nachtnebel.

Client managers / Programme Coordinators

Do you have questions about the content or schedule of one of our programmes or trainings or do you have questions with regard to administration? Do you want to discuss what programme suits you best? Let us know. You can always contact our client managers for all of your (substantive) questions about the programme or (subsequent) programme. You can contact our programme coordinators during office hours by phone: +3150-5798333 or through email: info@bureauland.nl.

Want to know what programme suits you best?

Are you looking for Professional or Personal Development and have you still not decided which Programme / Master Class / Training / Professional Training Programme fits in best with your developmental issue? The client managers will listen to what you want and need and can give you advice. Based on the phone call or first meeting you will know which training will help you with your developmental questions. You can contact our client managers on work days during office hours by phone: +3150-5798333 or through email: info@bureauland.nl.

A tailor-made developmental route? It’s possible!

Do you also want a tailor-made advice / route? It’s possible! More and more students at Bureau Land participate in tailor-made development programmes. Tailor-made to their training needs and wishes. You can participate in our programmes in all kinds of directions or combine coaching and training to optimally develop your abilities. Contact us for all of the options by phone: +3150-5798333 or through email: info@bureauland.nl.

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