Bed & Breakfast

Do you want to stay in a trendy accommodation in southwest Drenthe when you are participating in a programme at Bureau Land? It’s possible at Bartels Bed & Breakfast in Het Buiten Land in Ansen, right next to the training location.

Bartels Bed & Breakfast

Bartels Bed & Breakfast is accommodated in Het Buiten Land. The building has been completely renovated and was originally built in 1890. In the past it has served as a farm and later as a hotel/restaurant. There are three guest rooms you can choose from: the Fire Room, the Water Room, the Air Room. There is a large garden which you can use. You can park your car on our spacious parking lot. Note: pets are not allowed and smoking is not permitted in Het Buiten Land!

Enjoy the forests of Drenthe

The sun rises and beams of sunlight shine over the dewy fields: a new day is here. Jump on your bike or get in your car and enjoy your day in Drenthe!

Special prices for trainees

As a trainee of Bureau Land you can stay the night for the special price of € 40,- per person per night, including breakfast. This price only applies on days during or before training days in Ansen.

Want to make a reservation?

Fill in the reservation form on You will receive a confirmation within 2 work days.

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