About us

Bureau Land

 International Institute for Applied Psychology
since 1993

International Institute for Applied Psychology. Bureau Land is a training institute where, as its name suggests, Psychology is practically applied. Theory is great but it’s better when it works. That’s our philosophy.

You will find this applied psychology in all of our Programs, Professional Training Programs, Trainings, Master Classes, Organisational Development and Coaching Activities. You can participate in our trainings as an individual, as a team or in groups.

Professional & Personal Development

Professional and Personal development and change: that is what our trainings and programs are all about. If you want to achieve more in life, if your are looking for a different job but, up to this point, you have not had the courage to take that step, if you don’t understand why you are constantly in conflict with your colleagues, if you want to improve your communication or if want to get more out of your life: we can give an answer or provide tailor-made advice / programs for all of your developmental questions. We can teach you how to build your life or profession and how to direct your communication and change at work and private. So you will become who you want to be!

The International Institute for Applied Psychology
For the Individual and Organisations

What is work without people? What moves people also moves organisations. Progressive insights can keep people and, consequently, organisations moving. International Institute for Applied Psychology is open to individuals as well as organisations. Our trainings offer new knowledge and insights which you can immediately apply in practice.

Variability in Trainings
Our trainings can vary from introductory trainings to in-depth professional training programs to become a Coach or NLP Trainer. International Institute for Applied Psychology is the only institute in the Netherlands that is associated with the American NLP University of Robert Dilts.

Bureau Land was founded in 1993 by Drs. J.A. Land, Organisational and Occupational Psychologist.

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