Master Class: Coaching

The Master Classes Coaching at Bureau Land are 3-day Coach Trainings which will deal with specific topics of Coaching. The topics of this Master Class are: the Basics of Coaching, Being a Coach and Coaching Leadership. You can do these Master Classes as separate Coach Trainings to deepen your knowledge of and specialising in Coaching. In order to fully develop yourself as a Professional Coach you can participate in our Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I which also includes this Master Class.

What is Coaching / Coaching Leadership?

The central question in this Master Class is “What is coaching / coaching leadership?”. Other related questions are:

  • Which competences do you attribute to yourself as a coach?;
  • Where do you get your inspiration from?;
  • How can you inspire others to change?;
  • Which beliefs and assumptions are central to your coaching/leadership?;
  • What is your current coaching style or the style you wish to develop as a coach/manager?;
  • What is necassary to be a flexible coach/manager?

Coaching with a capital C?

We will briefly discuss coaching with a small c and Capital Coaching and Sponsorship. Naturally, we will also discuss your goals. What do you wish to achieve in this 3-day Master Class Coaching? What are your natural talents? And in which direction do you want to develop yourself?

The topics in this Master Class Coaching

  • What is coaching?;
  • What kind of Coach/Manager do you want to be or become?;
  • Global model, beliefs and assumptions;
  • Conscious and subconscious processes;
  • What is your current coaching style?;
  • Set goals for your own development programme.


You can do this Master Class as a module of the NLP Practitioner Programme or the Professional Training Programme Total Coaching® I. You will receive a module certificate for the module so that, at a later stage, you will be eligible for the Certificates of the NLP Practitioner Programme (ABNLP-accredited) or the Professional Training Programme Total Coaching® I.

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